SAGE DIPALMA has had her Zumba License since 2012. She has taught students of all ages, 5 to 80+ years old in group classes and hosted party events in private homes. She has taught youth, adults, men, women and seniors, and at summer camps for Children under the age of 10 years old. Her training includes Jazz and Ballet as well as other International forms of dance such as Flamenco and Bellydance. Currently a Zumba Zin Member, she is always striving to progress in her teaching styles, including finding new music or learning new steps to add to her Zumba routines.

Sage is a classically trained singer and current student at Temple University who is pursuing a career in music. Her love for fitness became a way of life when she learned how exercise improves, not only breath and stamina for vocal performance, but also attitude and drive!

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